Why Saturated Fat Is Feared

Let me first start this post off with my disclaimer.  If you are inactive and already eating a diet high in excess carbohydrates, your are likely in constant fat storage mode due to excess levels of the hormone insulin.  In this case, eating liberal amounts of saturated fat is not healthy.  Please…

Is Your Liver Fat? The Rising Incidence of Fatty Liver in Adults and Kids

Background Before we dig into this very important topic, a quick reminder that our weekend wilderness retreat is less than 2 weeks away (July 28-30 in Scotts Valley, California), where we will teach you everything you need to know to optimize health and potentially reverse diseases, including fatty…

Week 3: Body Fat and Fat-burning Foods


Understanding different types of body fat; Best way to quantify body size and body fat; Essential fat-burning foods; Introducing the highly effective elimination diet approach and handout.

What’s the Best Cooking Oil?

Background There’s a ton of conflicting advice and confusion on cooking oils and I will not claim that I am the subject matter expert on this topic.  The advice I share in this post is based on a combination of what I think are higher quality studies, common sense given the manufacturing process…

In Defense of Eggs

Background After being acquitted for causing high cholesterol and heart disease and even making it onto the nutrition guidelines as a safe food to eat, the latest study that has been piped out to every major news outlet is back to saying eggs increase the risk of heart disease. Instead of writing a…

Thoughts on Omega 3s from Fish, Plants and Supplements

Background Like so many other nutrition topics, the pendulum has swung back and forth on the benefits of Omega 3s and fish oil, particularly from supplement sources. For this post, I want to do a comprehensive overview on natural fish sources and supplements to help you gain a better understanding…

7 Top Concerns About The Ketogenic Diet

Background on The Ketogenic Diet Before all the ketogenic diet enthusiasts come after me for writing this blog post, I do want to let you know that I am actually in nutritional ketosis while writing this blog, so please don’t throw zero carb eggs at my windshield.  I’ll cover the ketogenic diet in…

Week 1: Insulin Resistance, Your Body has a Parking Problem


Learn about insulin resistance using an animated traffic diagram; Understand how to track carbs and identify risks for insulin resistance; Find out some key foods that help reverse insulin resistance including a shopping list.

Coconut Oil Controversy and Some Updates

Background I've received a ton of questions in my clinic and through my blog about the American Heart Association's (AHA) recent "ban" on coconut oil.  If you're not familiar with this news release, read about it here.  This is not just about coconut oil, but really represents the AHA's continued…

Week 6: Optimal Carb Timing, Fasting and Carb Ramping


Essentials on the timing and rhythm of carb intake and lifestyle changes; How to fast safely and effectively; Tech tools that can assist with fasting and meal timing; Low insulin foods.

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