Online Programs

    There are 2 online programs listed below that can help you prevent/reverse insulin resistance and diabetes.  Read the description for each before making a decision.

    1. D-FEAT Diabetes:  This is a truly personalized program that uses your genetic data, gut data and some key information about your lifestyle and then generates weekly health content (including some of my videos) and a library of recipes customized to your own metabolism and taste preferences.

    You also get weekly digital check-ins with a CDC-certified health coach.  To learn more and sign-up, go to this site.

    2. RID Program:  This program does not use your gut, gene and personal data.  It is a standalone health education program that teaches you about your body based on your culture and gender, and provides strategies to help you prevent and reverse diabetes. This program does not include health coaching.  Think of it as a highly engaging e-book with cutting edge content to motivate and educate you along the way.

    If you can’t decide between D-Feat and RID, I recommend doing the D-Feat program since it incorporates elements of RID while providing even more additional content customized for your body type, while providing weekly health coaching as well.  Go here for details and to sign-up for D-Feat.

    If you choose to do RID instead after reading the details below, then select the burgundy button below based on your gender and ethnicity to be taken to the product purchase page.


The RID (Reverse Insulin resistance and Diabetes) program is focused on individuals who have or want to prevent diabetes, prediabetes, and other insulin related disorders. A list of conditions is below:

  • Glucose issues: Prediabetes, diabetes, gestational diabetes*
  • Cholesterol issues: High triglycerides, low HDL, abnormal LDL (elevated or high risk particle size)
  • Heart disease: If you've had a heart attack or are at risk for heart disease
  • Weight problems: abdominal obesity, general obesity, weight loss resistance (failed prior diets)
  • Fatty liver
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Gout
  • General disease prevention: insulin resistance is now directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease (aka “Type 3 Diabetes”), Cancer, and a growing list of chronic health conditions.

The focus of this program is insulin resistance, but we also address the intimately connected process of inflammation and autoimmunity with resources to help prevent and reverse these conditions.


This is an 8 week self-paced wellness program (you can finish in less than 8 weeks or take longer). The lessons are outlined below in the Detailed Program Outline (click on the “+” to expand).

The first 4 lessons (weeks) will provide key scientific principles in an engaging way using state-of-the-art animations which even a school age child can understand. I actually encourage kids to watch these videos since we are seeing rampant insulin resistance in children and teens.

You will also receive practical advice starting with week 1 on key foods and highly recommended Apps and tools to help you reach your goal. I want you to start making changes and improvements from day 1 of the program! The last 4 lessons will provide even more detailed advice on lifestyle changes to help you beat insulin resistance. Each lesson will be followed by a short, simple quiz to make sure you've understood important concepts.

In addition to great content, my friends at 3T&Me are offering free 30 day access to their personalized recipe generator as part of the RID program.  This tool will provide tailored recipes to fit your tastes and dietary preferences, in addition to providing detailed macro and micronutrient information.

3T&Me Recipe Finder
3T&Me Recipe Finder

Understanding the concept of insulin resistance using my brief traffic animation will help you grasp why your lifestyle changes are putting you at risk. You’ll get started with my healthy grocery list and a summary of some key foods that will help lower insulin resistance.

A brief animation will teach you about the link between insulin and common health issues and you will learn about the intimately connected process of inflammation. I’ll teach you how to quantify and assess your risk for insulin problems and inflammation using validated tools. We’ll end with some powerful foods that lower insulin resistance and inflammation.

This science animation teaches you all about the different types of body fat and which category you fall into. You’ll learn about how to accurately quantify your body shape and size and what types of foods help burn body fat effectively. I will also introduce my version of the powerful elimination diet.

Complex cholesterol science will be simplified with a brief traffic animation. You’ll understand your results better than most doctors and then will receive comprehensive content on which foods and lifestyle changes help correct issues like high triglycerides, low HDL and abnormal LDL levels.

Carbs can work for you or against you. I will highlight the 5 cornerstones that will help you not only effortless reduce carb consumption but will also teach you how to manipulate carbs like rice and noodles so they do less damage to your body.

Exercise is powerful medicine that can potentially help reverse insulin resistance, but most people are doing the wrong exercises the wrong way. This lesson will teach you the most effective exercises to prevent and reverse insulin resistance and done correctly, will cut down your actual exercise time significantly and increase your enjoyment and long-term engagement. Less can be more when you learn to exercise effectively.

In music and nutrition, timing is everything. When you eat your carbs can be even more important than how much you are consuming. In this lesson I use a music analogy to teach you the rhythm and timing of carb intake and other key lifestyle changes. I will also teach you the safe and essential principles of effective fasting

It is not possible to reach your full physical, emotional, and cognitive potential unless you improve sleep and stress management. Metabolically it can cause insulin resistance to persist and progress despite optimal diet and exercise habits. I'll provide some key tech tools and practices to help restore normal sleep and manage stress.


    If you feel this program did not provide valuable content, you can receive a full refund at the end of 30 days. I encourage you to send me a message explaining why this program did not work for you.