Whole Family Health Program

Optimal Health and Performance for the Entire Family

Whole Family Health Program is a state-of-the-art 8 week program that takes Dr.Sinha’s experience in the clinic and during corporate wellness events,  and transforms them into engaging animations and content geared to adults and children/teens, so they understand exactly how to improve their health in the midst of their busy lives.  

Dr.Ronesh Sinha and his wife, pediatrician Dr.Shally Sinha, have deep combined experience in educating and treating adult and pediatric patients with issues like obesity, fatty liver, abnormal blood glucose, cholesterol and more.  Their family-centered approach will also include their own personal, time-efficient tips for optimizing the health of each family member.

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Who Is This Course For?

The Whole Family Health Program is focused on individuals and families who want to prevent or reverse conditions involving insulin resistance and/or inflammation such as the ones listed below:

Weight loss: reduce belly fat, general weight loss, improve body composition
Abnormal glucose: prediabetes , diabetes, gestational diabetes
Abnormal cholesterol: high triglycerides, low HDL, elevated LDL
Fatty Liver: common issue in children and adults
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome): common cause of infertility
Other related conditions: Fatigue, Alzheimer’s dementia, thyroid disease, gout
$99 limited time only


Click on each week for details.

Week 1 - Insulin Resistance: Your Body Has a Parking Problem
Insulin resistance is one of the major root causes for most weight and health issues. My brief traffic animation will help you understand this concept clearly. Key foods to reverse or lower insulin resistance. Healthy grocery lists for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Tailored information for women and children.
Week 2 - Quantifying and Reducing Insulin Resistance and Inflammation
A brief animation will teach you about the link between insulin and common health issues and you will learn about the intimately connected process of inflammation. How to quantify and assess your risk for insulin problems and inflammation using validated tools. We’ll end with some powerful foods that lower insulin resistance and inflammation. Tailored content for women and children included.
Week 3 - Understanding Body Fat and Fat-burning Foods
This science animation teaches you all about the different types of body fat and which category you fall into. You’ll learn about how to accurately quantify your body shape and size and what types of foods help burn body fat effectively. Tailored tips to help women lose body fat and customized content for children too. I will also introduce my version of the powerful elimination diet.
Week 4 - Conquering Cholesterol Issues
Complex cholesterol science will be simplified with a brief traffic animation. Proven foods and lifestyle changes that help correct high triglycerides, low HDL and abnormal LDL levels. Customized cholesterol content for women and children, including when kids should be screened.
Week 5 - The 5 Carb Cornerstones
Carbs can work for you or against you. I will highlight the 5 cornerstones that will help you not only effortlessly reduce carb consumption but will also teach you how to eat carbs like rice in a way that can lower harm and actually improve energy, fitness and overall health. Special content for women and an extended section to help kids/teens eat healthier.
Week 6 - Optimal Carb Timing and Fasting
WHEN you eat your carbs can be even more important than how much you are consuming. In this lesson I use a music analogy to teach you the rhythm and timing of carb intake and other key lifestyle changes. I will also teach you the safe and essential principles of effective fasting since fasting done incorrectly can harm your health. Special content included for women and kids/teens.
Week 7 - Top Exercises to Reverse Insulin Resistance
Exercise is powerful medicine that can potentially help reverse insulin resistance, but most people are doing it the wrong way. This lesson will teach you the most effective exercises to prevent and reverse insulin resistance and done correctly, will cut down your actual exercise time significantly and increase your enjoyment and reduce pain. Less can be more when you learn to exercise effectively. Tailored content for women and kids/teens included.
Week 8 - Tools to Fix Stress and Sleep Issues
It is not possible to reach your full physical, emotional, and cognitive potential unless you improve sleep and stress management. Metabolically it can cause insulin resistance to persist and progress despite optimal diet and exercise habits. I'll provide some key tech tools and practices to help restore normal sleep and manage stress. I also include a special bonus presentation to help families reduce stress and restore balance into their hectic lives.
$99 limited time only